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We are teachers at heart, and offer two main areas of training: Sales Professional training, and Marketing training. The Sales Training is a membership, and the Marketing Training a course.


Sales Professional Training

We help Sales Professionals level up their craft, through a unique and collaborative perspective, so that they can better close their next sale.


Sales Professionals provide an invaluable service that enables clients to achieve what they want in the shortest and most effective way possible.

Having received their trust, you are partners in this process. Not adversaries, as many believe the process is.

Having accomplished all the above, you will close more sales, and make raving, referring fans.

Connecting with your clients

The strength of connection happens in the first fifteen seconds.

understanding your client

People are different; they behave differently, and they buy differently. Therefore, they must be sold differently. Knowing your client’s language enables you to provide what he needs to best be able to close a sale.

investigating the need

On our sales floor, we used to say: they either came in to buy our product, or use the bathroom. It’s your critical job to uncover exactly what they are looking for, and to help them find it.

present your best solution

Once you’ve uncovered the need, you make your best presentation to fill it. You’ve earned that moral right.


What most people think to be negotiation is not negotiation, but bartering. Empathy with a client is not the agreeing with their point of view, but the understanding of it.


Marketing Training

Our marketing training goes from the 10,000 ft level, down to ground level, with a collaborative class environment.

It begins with the understanding of exactly what marketing is. Once you find your niche you no longer have to worry about your competition: you will find them chasing you.

This is coursework over a thirteen-week module. Formerly in-class, we will evaluate this over Zoom, and provide collaboration where participants help co-classmates to structure their marketing  

what is marketing

What exactly is happening here?.

understanding your niche

You can’t be all things to all people. And shouldn’t. Picking your niche (there are three), and how to become effective in your space.

developing your brand

Positioning statement, and Brand Mantra – the understanding from which everything else flows. What makes you valuable, and how do you convey this? 

the importance, and art, of client-centered focus

Moving from a product-centric to customer-centric focus, and the critical importance of this as we move into the future.

go to market strategies

What will be the next “hot” product”?  The world of selection and what makes strong Internet sales. Pricing and distribution strategies.

From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

If you are going to go through your day, go through it as the very best, and the most effective you can be. If you’re going to put in forty hours a week in a business,  position it better to have higher volume. If you’re going to put in forty hours a week as a Sales Professional, be the absolute best at your game.

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