Case Study

New York Connection Visa Service

Fixing a business-killing problem.


How We Created 98% Regional Loyalty for a Passport Visa Business

New York Connection was a Philadelphia-NYC Courier business moving into the service area of client travel visas. In a highly competitive marketplace, their goal was to dominate the market in this new area.


Dominating the Regional Market with Loyalties


Shortly after beginning as a hand-delivery service between Philadelphia-NYC, competition entered the marketplace with a near-identical name. Aggressive and employing questionable practices, they destroyed all goodwill associated with the company name, making new sales for this business impossible.

 Moving into this new service area, the company wanted to secure unshakable dominance so that a similar situation would not be possible.



Business is secured by loyalty, and loyalty comes from service. Targeting travel agencies, we divided the Philadelphia region, from Trenton, NJ to Newark, DE, ¬†into five geographic areas. Each region was visited on a route on a given day each week. The previous week’s passports were returned, completed, and the next batch was picked up. New visa forms for needed countries were provided, and agent counsel was given.

Though only a fraction had business in any given week, this service created deep bonds (the underlying goal), and dominated the marketplace.



New clients


Regional loyalties


business expansion


revenue generated



“We value the success that you’ve achieved in your area. We would like to acquire your business.”

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