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In one of our oldest divisions, we have served clients with Commercial Financing for over fifteen years. With over 350 active lender-relationships, we match capital and needs on almost any area. Read on for more details.

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With over 350 lender-relationships, we can do most any kind of commercial finance loan (See the button, below.) However, this list to the right is our most expedient and favorable loans, with the deepest  relationships.

bridge financing

We have a number of deep relationships, for a variety of types, including our own Private-Money fund.

sba loans

We have acquired many of these loans for those who were turned down by their local SBA bank: What many don’t realize is that SBA is not one and the same everywhere. We have deep resources across a wide array of loan-type appetites..

Housing and development

New construction or refinance. Apartment ComplexesHotels.  Our preferred loan for this type gives very low rates, a 40 year, full amortization, and no personal recourse, a critical element for investors.

long term care facilities

New construction or refinance. Assisted or advanced care facilities, including hospitals.

church loans

We have several options for this specialized loan type. 

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