Closing of the Week!

by | Oct 28, 2019 | Capital and Finance

Note: Our Commercial Finance division is part of a larger Commercial house. With over active 350 lenders in our relationship list, we can close everything from neighborhood business, to combined, multi-Wall St, conduit-type loans. This is the periodic blog from our office.

Closing of the Week!

Loan Amount: $1,723,000

Location: TX

The Story: THE BIG NEWS WITH THIS DEAL WAS IT WAS ALL BUSINESS LOAN-NO REAL ESTATE COLLATERAL! Most banks can not go above $500,000 in “goodwill” or “air-ball” meaning unless there is hard collateral, they can not go above $500,000. MANY BANKS CAN NOT CONSIDER AN UN-COLLATERALIZED LOAN REGARDLESS. We have a host of non-bank lenders that are NOT constrained by collateral. This borrower had retired, wanted to buy a business and start a new career. He spent months analyzing different businesses and landed on a Window Repair Company with great cash flow. The purchase price was $1.5 Million. HOW DID WE GET A LOAN FOR MORE THAN THE PURCHASE PRICE? SBA 7A. We added $350,000 of working capital-a MONSTER number and rolled in all closing costs plus expenses and took the project to $1,914,700. Borrower came with 10% or just $191,400 and we brought the rest. We did this with NO POINTS. We closed it last Thursday.

So for $191,400 our borrower bought a business making over $600,000 a year AND got $350,000 BACK in working capital. Try that at ANY bank! We have money, we have lots of money. We can get loans done that banks can only dream about….why not give me a call? If you have a loan that needs to get closed, you owe it to yourself to give me a call. I will have terms out in writing typically in 48 hours. My team and I will work that loan until the closing. Big loans, small loans, SBA loans or private money loans, we do it all. Give us a call today. Be blessed!


P.S. Don’t forget about our PRIVATE MONEY LOANS:

Sometimes loans can NOT get done conventionally or through SBA. Whether it is because they have to close in two (2) weeks or the credit is horrible or some other factor, sometimes no bank will touch a loan. In those cases, private money may be an option. We have our OWN private money and we have a lot of money to lend. We are both the the deal underwriters and credit committee. If our officer likes it, we will issue a commitment and close the loan as long as appraisal and title come in fine. We WILL accept bank ordered appraisals if they are recently done and in those cases, we can close lightning quick. We actually closed a loan once in five (5) days! Although three (3) weeks is more the norm. We will do loans as small as $100,000 and as large as $1.5 million. We have lender partners that can close loans up to $100,000,000! When speed is needed and certainty of funding matters, we are the BEST option available- so call today for a free pre-qualification or to discuss options that may be available to you.


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