Management Consulting: Why Choose Us?

by | May 27, 2021 | Consulting, Favorite Blog

Why Choose Us?

I’ve always been a student of business: What makes one succeed, and a near-identical one fail. I say near-identical because the habits of the buying public are consistent. You just need to position your products accordingly. One is doing at least something that the other is not. I also bring very strong analytical skills to the process, measured in the top one percent of those going on to graduate school. This is not to say one percent of the general population, but that significantly more exclusive group: the top percent of those who were already some of the most analytical in the world.

Moreover, my background is very broad. In consulting, you desire someone with broad and deep understanding in multiple areas: sales and marketing, financial, technical, leadership, and creative, to name a few. And with the overview perspective (again, that word) and leadership to bring it all into your organization. I grew up in business: my father having three hundred fifty employees. And I opened my own—the first of many—when I was seventeen. My undergraduate degree, and first career out of college, was in accounting and finance; as well as most recently for the past decade, in residential and later, commercial funding. I am also a student of learning, having returned to undergraduate school in three distinct disciplines, ultimately being accepted for PhD work at Harvard Medical School in the field of physiology. I never attended, as I was detoured… in a business. But I have a technical and scientific mind.

And not to think that it will be all geeky: after moving to Florida, I took a job in sales where, most months, was top salesman in my organization, ultimately winning a national award for Second Place, Best Presentation in the U.S. Southeastern Region. I understand marketing. And I understand people. And I am natively a leader from youth on up: leading hundreds by mid-teens, and thousands a few years later—finally being named as one of two students to sit on the Board of my then-University President.

So what does this all mean for you? Perspective, from the top of near every discipline. And brought to bear for your organization.


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