Management Consulting: What to Expect from Us

by | May 27, 2021 | Consulting, Favorite Blog


This section really comprises two answers: What should you expect as results, and what should you expect from the process.


As to results, you may expect any combination of the below, and more:

  • Enhanced understanding of your market.
  • Enhanced strategies for improved (or shifted) market positioning and market penetration.
  • Greater sales.
  • Better community and/or customer relations.
  • Significantly enhanced goal targeting and accomplishment.
  • Better employee relations.
  • Sales training, with enhanced effectiveness of your sales organization.
  • Project management, and increased manufacturing efficiency.
  • Surveys of your target populations to better enhance understanding of your customer and/or employee feedback and preferences.
  • Greater financial efficiencies, and improved bottom line.
  • Funds sourcing.
  • As needed, connection to other service providers for more specific treatment: financial/accounting, legal, marketing/advertising, technical and web, writing and copy editing, etc. And, to the extent they’re in our network, introductions to support peers.


  1. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at the Let’s Begin link, above. Otherwise, download the Survey Information Form, which will give us a good background as to your current picture, and what you’re looking to accomplish—both in your marketplace, and in this engagement. Print this out and return by mail, or fill it out and return it online. Both links are at the top.
  2. After some evaluation on our part, we will schedule a meet with you to go over both what we see, and what we see might be improveable. We’ll make some definitive suggestions to you, with proposals and a clear plan of action as to what we feel we can do for you. All services up to this point are free. (And indeed if you go no further at all, you’ll derive a greater understanding and strategy simply from filling out our process form.) We’ll then discuss our fees, should you choose to continue.
  3. We’ll define the engagement: what you expect to accomplish, and approximately the term of our engagement. And, as part of our service, we meet with you in person or electronically, weekly (or as needed), to help you in achieving your goals. Understand, to the extent possible, our goal is not to “do”, but to empower you, as this is the greatest long-term benefit.
  4. At the end of our engagement, we’ll do an “exit survey” with you, assessing how closely we came to accomplishing the stated goals, and how you felt about the process. We will make any final adjustments at that time, securing your satisfaction and bottom line.


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