Supplier Shoutout: Elegant Themes

by | Oct 20, 2019 | All Other Blog

Supplier Shout-out


We value our partnerships, as this is the rewarding thing of business. In this case, we want to lavish some praise on one of our suppliers:

Elegant Themes

As you likely know, website hosting and design is one of our core businesses. We have recently rolled it in to our work more formally, though we have done this work, less formally, for decades. As you might imagine, with that length of time, we’ve seen the full transition of the web: from early (pre-even Microsoft FrontPage) days, when all websites were hard-coded, html, through the various iterations, when it was speculated, that shopping might become a big thing. In all of this experience and effort, one comes to highly value what makes work efficient. We stumbled across Elegant Themes many years ago, and not only found their work to be clean code, but in fact, true to their names as well: some of the most elegant themes that were out there.

In recent years, though they still maintain a library of past-designed themes, they’ve come to focus on one, Divi. And the power and the flexibility of this theme is astounding.


Quite the Vision

Rather than a static, look-good (yes, even elegant) theme, this one was built and re-built to be the framework theme for anything you wanted to do. If you only ever want to purchase and learn one theme, this one would be it. The vision of the company, and its future path, arrested my attention


Not Missing This

In 2005, I had the opportunity to buy a lifetime subscription to Sirius satellite radio, for my new Volvo — for $250. Some fourteen years later, still nurturing and valuing the same car, I recognize that was a significant opportunity missed to let that one go. And I’ve been on alert to not duplicate that mistake again.

In my first year with Elegant Themes, I took the annual fee. But by the end of that first year, rather than do a year-by-year, thinking strongly on my Sirius experience, I took the Lifetime membership. And that was an opportunity well captured. Some several years later, they came out with the Divi theme (which they’ve come to build on, since,) and boy, was that decision vindicated.


So, Shout-out

There are very few companies who have the vision to build toward where the future will go — and to do it in such an outstanding way. It’s a thrill having this one, Elegant Themes, as a partner. Kudos, ET!


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