Sienna Coffee Roasters



Sienna Coffee Roasters is an eCommerce website engaged in the distribution of artisan, fresh-roasted coffee. Based in Sarasota, FL, the website is comprehensive; a couple of notches kicked up, as it employs eCommerce shopping, a subscription model, and membership. Moreover, it is integrated with Facebook, where the elements of its shop are updated in realtime there.



Aside from the features mentioned, it’s a relatively straight-forward site otherwise. It does contain a blog, which receives periodic updates, but most of the pages will remain static. Even so, eCommerce requires a depth of pages, particularly with this subscription module: ability to change information on the fly, as well as the ability to changes subscriptions mid-period. And all of these (with the exception of the subscription module) come with every eCommerce package.

The challenge of this site was in its overall, comprehensive design, which we did: layout design, page design an integration, color palate. site font selection, font design, and design for some of its featured blog headers. Besides integrating with Facebook, it employs a YouTube channel and interface.



Special Features and Solutions

In addition to page design and flow, the eCommerce store and products itself was designed with a site-consistent theme. The products themselves will allow single purchase, or subscription, where the subscriber chooses amount of order (one through four bags) and frequency of shipment (one week through one month). All of this information is held back-end, and appropriate taxes are charged, both in the initial purchase, and in each of the repeat subscription purchases.

Throughout many pages, there are Calls-to-Action buttons offering opportunity to sign up for various communications, and these are integrated with various external provider companies, MailChimp and WishList.

The blog is both in video (YouTube) and text format, as it’s known to advertisers that people get their information primarily from one or the other source.

Finally, in keeping with the theme and blogs, which go into detail for the growing and processing, and life, in the origin locations, we sought to use many of these images as backgrounds in various locations.

Check out the website, and organization.

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