Rebecca’s Prove It Challenge


Rebecca’s Prove It Challenge is a feature site for the Shaklee® Prove-It promotion, featuring attractive discount on a combination package that guides the client through a one-week cleanse, and then thirty-day protein shake and vitamin protocol.



This is a single, landing-page type design, whose purpose is to present information in overview, often linking people to another corporate site, in this case, the Prove-It section of Shaklee’s website, where the full information and purchasing modules are placed. Landing pages are used in some cases to link to the very same company’s larger website, and are used strategically to enhance search engine rankings. (Ask us why this is.)

One of the challenges of this specific site is that it must be designed and copyright-compliant with the parent corporation, in this case, Shaklee. Much design effort went into this, in the areas of designed (compliance-acceptable) logo, as well as other notifications.


Special Features

The elements of this page are designed to quickly convey information, and guide the visitor to the various CTA’s (calls-to-action,) some of which guide to deeper information on this page, and a couple of which link directly to the corporate purchase page.

All content was fresh and originally written, to convey compelling information, and avoid copyright violation.

Significant additional effort was given for the behind-the-scenes structure for SEO ranking purposes, to assist this page in ranking organically in a Google search for this offer — in a very competitive marketplace for this special. As of the brief period since production, and this writing, this design was beginning to draw organic clicks.


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