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Hosting, standalone, one year $120, Hosting, w/website dev., one year $50, Hosting, w/website dev., two years $120


Without cPanel, $0, Add cPanel, one year $72

Our website design is already pretty much all-in: With each package, we include the design, the domain, and a very discounted one or two years hosting. Moreover, we’ll train you and your staff how to use the site: navigating the administrative end, changing page copy, or even adding pages or features. If you’re a bit hands-on, this is all you’ll need for ongoing maintenance.

Hosting fees are an additional part of the annual cost of a website. Picture this as rent for the virtual street address: servers, hardware and software, electricity — the actual rent itself for the facility to hold all of this. 

There are an extraordinary amount of services available to those who host with us: email accounts, database, programs — too many to recount. See our page here for full, detailed information. 

You’ll note that there are three hosting options: One, simply for standalone hosting space, services, and support; and two, (offering discounted fees) for the websites we produce. 

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