Our Process & Workflow.

We streamline and bring your project to completion.

        • Project Research
        • Wireframes
        • Design
        • Development



        Web development can be done very quickly. But the speed of production, ironically enough, depends on you. We will assist you through these processes, leading you through the needed steps.


          1. Project Research

            This phase is the most important: meeting of the minds. Many clients are not fully clear on what they want to accomplish, either from a web development, or business development point of view. That’s where we come in. We’ll lead you through a set of questions and dialog to help us both get a clear view of what we’re trying to accomplish: What are your goals for this project? How does this integrate into your existing business plan? What’s the look and feel, consistent with your brand? Elegant? Glitzy?


          2. Wireframes

            This phase, likely the most exciting, will help you to begin to target the look and feel, and content of your site. We have a number of frameworks here, in almost every conceivable category. Take a look and pick out one (or a few) that appeal to you — and why. Begin to decide if a single, scrolling page will fit your purposes, or if you’re going to need a series of pages. Perhaps begin to envision what you’d like to see on each page. Will you need advanced services such as a storefront and cart, or blog? How many additional pages will be referenced in the site copy?


          3. Design

            Now we begin to flesh out the final product. The Design phase is a highly collaborative one where, given what framework you’d like, you let us know what you’d like to go there. Often people haven’t begun to think about what copy they’d like — and the very suggested pictures and layouts will stimulate this for you. We’ll work with you to discover what pictures you’d like to keep (or change), and what copy and features you’d like in that place. As you know your business best, this will be your copy. We can assist you with this, including some stimulating discussion that will integrate this into your brand. And we can also help with the copy itself, if this is what you desire.

            This is also the process that will likely take the longest. Not because it’s hard, or unexciting, but because it’s the most important. And should be. The speed at which we can come to conclusion on your site, will depend on how quickly, and clearly, you can get this information to us. Again, we’re happy to assist with the copy, as needed.


          4. Development

            Ah, the fun part. For the most part, the task now bounces entirely to us, and we will put all the above artistry into code, doing our very best to emulate what you’ve requested of us. There will surely be tweaking, as a finished visual product will always be different than an imagined one. So we’ll go back and forth a number of times until you’re content. When this process concludes, if it’s not already published (see the Caveat below), we’ll publish the site to the web, live and fully functional. We’ll test for how everything works, and make changes accordingly. But you have a site!!

            After this period, we’ll sit with you or your staff to go over the mechanics of maintenance: site logins; how the mechanics of the site works, and how to edit/add everything from Pages, to Posts, to Products, etc. If you’re not in a position to do routine, needed changes, we have a monthly service that can take care of this for you: You simply contact us, and we’ll make the future changes for you. 



        Hosting Discussion & Caveat 

        Our Hosting or Yours

        Our service comes with hosting. This allows us to be able to control all of the necessary elements of hosting a website. We can publish to your hosting service, but this adds a little more complexity.



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